Boulder Radio – Boulder’s Music.

Boulder Radio is our all new radio station, Playing Live from Boulder, Colorado on 87.9 FM and on the web/mobile at Citrus3. No Talk, No Commercials, Just Music!
Stream Boulder Radio on your computer or phone considerably better on quality speakers/headphones! Find the Live365 App in the App store. At 87.9 FM in North Boulder and the Foothills. We’re a 1/2 Watt micro-broadcaster. Hopefully the kind of music you like is playing when you tune in, if not check back, there’s always something different, we do repeats but try to diversify more often but please stay a while and we’re always grateful for suggestions and hope what we bring you expands on your musical tastes! We’re working on some great playlists for you too!

Check Out Our Music Format! At this time we are running Album Rock during the day and a variety of different music in the evening and throughout the night. A lot of the music is an experimental gathering of quality songs from over the years and organizing them into genres. All of the songs have quality meta-tags which provide the album covers, titles and names through the software. Parental Advisory; Some songs in the evening and night contain explicit lyrics. 

For Scheduling or requests, Contact Boulder Radio: boulderradio3@gmail.com